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BrianP's Submission - Entered on 6/6/2016 11:13:00 PM

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C) CR210 to Oldenburg Point
St. Louis
Class II-V
Play Rating (1-10): 0
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   Gauge Information (Last updated with USGS at 11/2/2010 2:23:37 PM)
Gauge Forecast Height Current Flow Authority Physical Update
ST. LOUIS RIVER AT SCANLON, M n/a 6.13  6020 cfs  3rd Party Gauge 11/02/2010 15:30 CDT
Minimum Recomended Level:  0 cfs     Maximum Recomended Level:  0 cfs 


UMD Kayak and Canoe Institute on Hwy 210 in Carlton.

  Putin Details

Walk across the bridge and put in river right anywhere that looks good. Usual spot is above "tongue drop/table saw".

  Takeout Details

Take out at the swinging bridge in Jay Cooke State Park or if there's enough water continue to Oldenburg.

 River Alerts GMaps
Not used in Beta Mode Putin | Take Out | Shuttle | General Area

  Other Issues

Bring your elbow pads, especially in low water. The entire run is exposed slate bedrock.

  Fun Facts

Usually one of the first runs to open in the spring and runs at fish flow all summer (350cfs). 3 releases at approx. 750 cfs.

   Run Description [Season: ]

This river has been run everywhere from 20,000cfs down to well below fish flow. This description will be for a typical summer fish flow.

Typical put in is river right above the long, narrow slab of rock named "Tongue Drop". At higher levels you'll want to put in below this as it becomes a large, unfriendly hole. The runout of this rapid leads under Hwy. 210 to the aptly named "210 drop." Stop here for some great enders. The next rapid is unnamed but generally class III in character. Some call this rapid "16 candles" as there are 16 eddies to catch in about 30 yards of whitewater. Taken collectively, these first rapids constitute what is known as "The Racecourse".

From here there's a small bit of flatwater as you pass under the Munger bridge. Watch out for people cliff jumping!

The next rapid is also unnamed, but sometimes called "Glassy" for the nice glassy wave that forms at certain levels. At low flows it's tempting but pretty shallow to be upside down much like Paradise on the Green at low flows. You'll have some flatwater interspersed with read and run class II rapids leading up to the next rapid, "Twisted Sister."

Twisted Sister (IV) is actually the name given to two consecutive rapids which are generally named First Sister and Second Sister. First sister is generally run on the left, boofing off the flake, or a cool corkscrew move just to the right of the flake. The hole here is sticky at all but the lowest flows so it's not a bad idea to at least hop out for a look if it's your fist time. It's been the site of a number of unpleasant swims and at least one pin.

Next up is Second Sister. This is a deceptive rapid. It's only a 2-3 foot drop but is almost a perfect river wide ledge. At low flows you can boof almost anywhere (just be sure that you do). Many prefer a fader move off a hump of water on river left. If you swim here, get out of the water fast as Octopus is only a hundred yards downstream.

A reminder here, that this is for low flows. There are a whole lot of different options and lines as the flow increases and you want to be sure of where you are because Second Sister becomes a terminal hole at certain levels and a swim would send you directly into Octopus. You don't want to swim here at high water.

Hop out above Octopus(IV+)river left to scout your entry. You have 2 options: the rock slide on river right, or The Beak on river left. Don't underestimate the ferry below the Beak if you choose the rockslide. From here you have two options for the rest of the rapid, far left or far right. It defies description and is difficult to scout. Best to follow someone as certain channels at the last pitch will drop you on rocks.

Next up, the Boneyard. At low flows it's a good workout for your water reading skills. Class II rock dodging. At high water it becomes big water class III/IV, a lot like the Wenatchee play run. Heads up as you close in on Jay Cooke State Park, you'll hit a small area of flatwater and the river splits left and right.

At flows below 2000cfs you'll likely take the left channel. The right channel has a great 12 foot waterfall that comes at 2000cfs and up but is pretty bony at the lip in lower water.

In the left channel, hop out for a look before the rapids start, it's pretty much your last chance as there are few (sometimes none) eddies below. You have two options at the Swinging Bridge Drop (IV-IV+) If you stay tight against the left wall, you'll run an approx. 12 foot slide into a hanging pool. Watch out for the overhanging rock on the right, the slide is only wide enough for a's broken some ribs.) To exit the hanging pool you can run the slot furthest right which grinds about 8 feet down a slab of rock, or you can take the next slot to the left for a nice fader boof. The other option here is the Taint. This line sends you screaming about 20 feet down a slab of rock. You'll want to get some left hand angle on the way down to avoid tapping the wall at the bottom. Pay attention in the runout as swims happen here too.

The last rapid just before the swinging bridge is called Snakebite. The river is only about 20 feet wide here and it forms a perfect ledge. At levels above 800cfs you may want to sneak it on the right. If not, get your bow up. This is where people get complacent and there have been some scary swims here, including one person who ended up behind the curtain of the overhung rock which forms the drop.

Take out river left just past the Swinging Bridge.


Continue down through Fin Falls (V) This one is tough to scout so it's good to follow someone. You have two entry options depending on flows. With enough water you can enter in the Auto Boof. At lower flows the entry is a slightly more technical move into a hanging pool on river left. After this there are two more holes to negotiate, one of which tends to slam you into the rock wall on river right. It's slightly undercut. Just enough to make it difficult to roll. There are two more straight forward class III-IV drops after Fin proper. Take out river left hike back to Jay Cooke state park.

Continue down to Oldenburg Point (Miracle Mile or the Wall-class V)
Can't really say much about this as I haven't got run it but it defies description anyways. The river is so wide and there are so many lines that it would be impossible to name them.

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