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Resolution 2007
Tuesday, January 2, 2007
So this christmas I had alot of crazy fun.

I went snowshoeing with a buddy up at Alpental. That was a blast.

On the way home from the pass my 4x4 vanagon's engine threw a rod. That was a blast but not for me.

Then on christmas I recieved a fantastic shirt from my mom. She is so great. She knows I love whitewater, but tends to be a little trusting that companies research what they sell. Apparently not the case with this shirt, which makes it all the much better.

After christmas I had a tire blow out on my escalade and after a few calculations we figured that together lydia and I have bought 18 tires from Les Schwab this year. WOW that sucks.

This whole season has put things in perspective for me. I actually had a wonderful christmas. Early on after the engine explosion, I decided that I was just going to blow everything off and have a good time with friends and family. It worked. The relationships that I have with different people were so great that I never even though about all the junk I have to deal with later. Then it dawned on me. WOW the most valuable thing I have in my life are my relationships. More than any posession more than any sport or activity. No matter what we do in life or where we are our relationships are more valuable than anything else we can possess. It is really a common thought and we all most likely ponder on it from time to time.  However this christmas I did not just think about it, I had the opportunity to see it in effect.

I wanted to share this with everyone because when things are going good we can all be the supporters that our friends need and when things are going bad, we should all take joy in asking for the support of those around us. It is a great thing to give and recieve in a relationship, and neither of the two should be practiced more than the other. I have a hard time asking for help because I have a pretty low self esteem. I always feel that if I can do everything on my own without help, I will for some reason be more accomplished and a stronger person. The simple fact as we all know is that it is just not true. This season I watched as friends and family were delighted to help me out and I saw that the opportunity to help was just as much of a gift to them as their gift of help was to me.

It was pretty awesome to sit back and think about it. All my life I have wanted to shelter my failures out of the natural instinct that we all have from our interaction with society. Failures are bad! But they aren't ... Hiding Failures is what is the killer. My new years resolution is going to be a little different this year. For 2007 I am going to work at  sharing failures and successes and accepting the help that my family and friends want to offer me. For all of my family and friends, Thank you for your attention, support and understanding, everthing I am able to do is because of you.