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My Ramblings

Dark as Night 2
Thursday, February 23, 2012
Just saw this pic and had to add it... OMG.

Why would you keep this.

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Down Low on the Green
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
People often ask me where I fish on the Green. Yea sure we all love to kayak in the upper gorge and there is fishing up there but the prime fishing is lower in the system. So here is my description of the fishing from Mouth to Kent. Then in another post I will focus on Kent to Flaming Geyser and then finally FG to Howard Hanson.

Duwamish Mouth to Kent.

47.533480, -122.322786
- The 8th Street Bank. Fish love to hug the tug, so any boats docked up that are bigger than 100' are bound to have passing fish against them. Perfect for dropping jigs and bouncing them along the sides. Depth is around 10-25 feet depending on tides.

47.51369,-122.305674 - The sub station. People call it the fishing the sub etc.. Awesome spot. If I fish the duwamish I usually go here. The bend in the river is an amazing holding spot for fish. During mid tides fish stack up in here before moving out at the peak high. It is a sight to see even if you don't fish. usually it will get a good crowd. Because of the depth and distance to cast I will use buzz bombs here or a jig with a 1/2 oz tappered slip weight. If they are hugging the bank just a un weighted jig will do the trick. Spinners and other gadgets work great too. Drift fishing is not so great here because the bottom is deep and very very snaggy.

47.503363,-122.296501 - Tons of people go here to fish, been once. Yea there are fish but usually way way too many crowds. Again not the best for drifting but good spinners and jig water.

47.48988,-122.279651 - Allentown Bridge Hole. This spot is HOT. The water is uber deep still changes with the tides and holds fish waiting for jigs. If I am jig fishing on the duwamish I almost always hit this hole. It does get deep but folks drift it a bit too.

47.488311,-122.265586 - Allentown 5. Perhaps the best spinner fishing on the duwamish. Fish hold up pretty good here and when it rains your dry. Does see a number of fisherman but pretty hidden so don't be sharin this spot. If you go any time soon you will find 4 or 5 coho that are digging reds under the bridge at different tides. I have C&R'd all of them some of them have graced the pages of this site. Jigs work great here too. A little snaggy to drift.

47.467427,-122.251216 - The Fort Dent Rocks. This is perhaps the first Real Fishing spot on the Green since the Green really doesn't become the green until the Black River inlet which is just below this spot. Spinners Jigs and Drifting its all good.

47.439902,-122.245819 - The Depot Drift. Almost all Drifting, Sucks way to many people and not that great fishing but worth checking out.

47.433857,-122.262427 - The Brisco Bend. Awesome fishin. Drift, Spinners and Jigs, even pull a plug accross the bend. There are some snaggs but the beach gives great access. Mostly a wader fishing area but still worthy.

47.41285,-122.264637 - The 212th Riffle. Super Deep. Back bouncing eggs and shrimp is your game here. Plenty of water to fish and a little rapid that seems to make the fish hold up to attain. I don't fish Bait much so this isn't my spot of choice but I have taken a few here.

The spots inbetween 212th and James the DOJ are so many that it is not worth describing. Just walk down the Green River Trail and you will see all the little trails fisherman use down to the river. In my opinion most of this water is not worth fishing heavy but still check it out.

Until update 2 Kent to Flaming Geyser !!
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Dark as Night
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
I usually don't mess with the blog around here but I wanted to keep a chronicle of the posts I find around the world wide web of fishermen showing off their catch. Mainly the guys that are holding a fish that makes me want to ask, are you serious your touching that!

So here are some folks that enjoy hunting the other dark meat.

First has to go to the Urban Angler. Now you gotta give the guy a break since he is just getting into the sport but still, Keeping a pink is one thing, but keeping a pink that looks like this...  That is kinda nasty, I would recommend burning that stringer and cooler when your done eating the poor hen in this shot.

Next I just have to give it up to Jon, I mean really It could be in the first spot considering that he has his matching set. You thought his Gloomis hat was dark and blended, check out that nook he is holding up with pride. Dude I know its fun to have a big fish smash your gear, but at a certain point you gotta ask your self, am I really going to enjoy eating this? Well jon your clearly so proud of your catch I am sure that old boot will taste like cherry pie, wash it down with some milt and call it a day.

Clearly ole yooper here is holding what might be the nastiest fish on the page so far. The beard and proud stance are what make this shot great. So why isn't it in first place, because he at least recognized that it was a dark fish, he caught some others that were nice. So what does that mean? Well simply put, ole yooper is not freakin blind, but his taste buds and sense of smell probably work about as well as that fish could swim right now. So Yooper you enjoy that one in the smoker, I don't think all the smoke from Mt St. Helens could cover up the smell of that fish....

Last but not least for today is the mighty fish master. Ok really this is more of a joke because if anyone knows the value of bright fish it is Kris. But I find this photo none the less a funny shot indeed. Perhaps it is the dark color of the fish, a hawg no doubt, but I think the combination of the hat proudly saying I fish way too much and I don't really care what you think combined with the fish spraying milt on his leg makes me realize that this man is serious about his sport. So I salute you sir, and that fine fish you tote so proud!

Until the next installment - Tight lines all

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