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Teanaway, N. Fork    Johnson Creek to Stafford Creek™ ©
Class III+

River Mapplet
Put In Longitude : -120.88629 Putin
Put In Latitude : 47.3807106
Take Out Longitude : -120.84963 Take Out
Take Out Latitude : 47.3465233
County : Kittitas Shuttle

There is currently no Gauge Data on this stretch. Please Email us if you have details about a realtime gauge for this river.
Minimum Recomended Level:  0      Maximum Recomended Level:  0  


Teanaway River Road. From Cle-Elum head southeast on Highway 10/970, continue left on 970 and look for Teanaway River Road on your left after 3-4 miles.

  Putin Details

Continue on Teanaway River Road for roughly 13 miles and you'll see the 29 Pines campground on your left. Continue past the campground and look for Forest Service Road 9737 on your right. 1.1 miles after turning onto FSR 9737 you'll encounter a cattle guard. Back up 50-100 meters and you should see the river sweeping by a low, flat bank in a large open bend. This is your take out.

After dropping your shuttle vehicle of choice here, continue another 5.2 miles to the Beverly campground (about 0.5 miles before reaching the campground, you'll encounter an anemic looking creek characterized by a series of manky, wood infested channels on the driver's left - fear not, this isn't the Teanaway). Just past the Campground you'll encounter the large takeout on the right mentioned in Bennet, but there's more convenient parking on the driver's left, right next to the river)

  Takeout Details

See above.

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 As of 5/4/14: four wood portages between Beverly Creek put-in and Stafford Creek Takeout.Put-in through 1st mini-gorge is clean. Spanning log at river level roughly 1/4 mile from put-in (boofable on left at 13.8 on gauge. Dangerous spanning log around blind left-to-right corner as as walls start to steepen roughly 1/2 mile below BCCG put-in. Visible as you round corner, eddies just above on left and right but both are last chance eddies. Two other spanning logs -easily seen and portaged between this point and the final bedrock mini-gorge. Dangerous wood in final drop of mini-gorge. Spanning log around blind corner (corner is a river-left rock prow with a massive pine log sloping from the top of the prow down towards the river) - very tough last-chance eddy on river right. Few/small eddies in the lead-in stretch above. - Posted by: JayB on 5/4/2014 9:58:00 AM -  [Remove Alert]

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  Other Issues

************UPDATE AS OF 5/10/2018*************

Hard to calibrate this run, since the only gauge is for the main fork of the Teanaway, which is fed by multiple (three?) tributaries. You can find the NOAA forecast-gauge for the main stem here:

And a real-time gauge operated by the Bureau of Reclamation here:

When we ran it on 5/16/10 the NOAA gauge showed roughly 12.8 feet or ~1000cfs, and the consensus amongst us was that it felt like ~ 225-250cfs.
This was relatively early in the melt-off. Based on what we encountered, I'd look for flows of at least 850-950 cfs to kick things into the runnable range. Having said that - it's not clear how much of the total flow that each of the forks of the Teanaway contributes to the total outflow early in the melt-off, late in melt-off, etc so figuring out some kind of paddler's gauge would be helpful.

7/2/11 Update;

Took another run down this one which validated the earlier prognostications about the gauge. It's still tough to call this one based on the main-fork gauge (fed by three different forks of the Teanaway), but I think your best bet is to look for flows in the 800-1000cfs range as a minimum - which doesn't come together very often. Having said that - my hunch is if the Wenatchee is over 12K and every other tributary in the drainage is blasting - the NF Teanaway will make a terrific plan B or C for folks looking for creeks. Having said that - take the wood warnings seriously. Wood *will* be in play. Scout and paddle accordingly.

(Update 5/3/13: Gauge reading showed 12.78 feet, but the flow looked substantially lower than the flows we encountered at 12.8 feet on 5/16/10. I'm guessing that today's flow was ~150cfs at the culvert (very low side of good), and the stretch between the upper put in at the Beverly Creek campsite may have been at the extreme low-end of runnable. My best guess is that when the melt-off starts lower elevation tributaries that feed in below this stretch contribute relatively more flow, and as the melt off progresses the high drainages that feed this stretch start to kick in. So - in late April early May flows of roughly 12.8 feet or 1000cfs could be on the low side of runnable, and as you get into the latter half of May a reading of 12.8 on the main-stem gauge (which is waaaay downstream) at a gauge reading this high the flows in this stretch could be pumping. One of these days we'll have to get a paddler's gauge going at the bridge near the culvert)

The river passes under one or two private bridges during the run that might be feasible references for a paddler's gauge. Otherwise, expect a fluid, continuous run if you see roughly 150cfs at the put-in, since the flow picks up as you head downstream.

Flow/gauge correlation update: 13.4-feet/1350-cfs on the gauge made for medium flows on the river.

  Fun Facts

Wood! The more you scout beforehand, the more you'll enjoy this run. You'll be able to see a fair bit of the run, and the hazards, from the road if you combine the vehicle assisted scouting with a bit of walking, but the best way to enjoy this run is to follow the advice in Bennet and scout the run on foot in the morning before putting on.

   Run Description [Season: Peak Snowmelt. Probably late April through Memorial Day Weekend most years)]

General character:

Fairly continuous rapids up to III+ with two distinct sections that pass through narrow, shallow bedrock gorges.

Overall the III+ technical grade for this run is accurate, as no single drop stands out as being harder than legit III+. Having said that, the relatively continuous nature of the run, the preponderance of blind corners and wood hazards make this run a poor choice for an unsupported III+ paddler or paddlers IMO, particularly at "fluid" levels. If it were a climb, it'd deserve an R-rating.

The run:

Now you're at the put-in just above the Beverly Campground.* As of this writing there's a toothy river-wide strainer just below the put-in that serves as nice final reminder to take the wood hazards seriously.

Maybe after a quarter mile or so the river makes a distinct right turn through a boulder choked rapid into the first mini-gorge. There's a reasonably good eddy at the base of this drop on the river left, which is worth catching as there are no less than four river wide, river-level logs in the next 100 meters of river. Hopefully they'll flush away at some point but expect them to be there for a while.

For the next couple of miles the river weaves back and forth through a series of blind corners and class IIIish drops, most of which seemed to be formed by boulders, but I can remember one 5-8 foot ledge drop with a clean line on the left. There were 4-5 limbo logs in this section, and a couple of submerged logs that almost spanned the channel, but all of them were passable at the flows we encountered. At the end of the upper half of the run you'll encounter a significant (large) river wide strainer, with a bit of slack water on the left that makes for an easy portage.

Once you're back on the water, keep your eyes peeled for a large culvert emerging from a cut-bank just beneath the road (should be visible on the way in if you're keeping an eye on the river). About 200 yards downstream you'll encounter more wood, with a limbo passage on river-right, and a bridge maybe 100 meters downstream. If you haven't scouted this section, finding a place to eddy out somewhere between the bridge and the culvert might be a good idea, as the river enters a shallow bedrock gorge here.

This next stretch is the highlight of the run - a series of about a half-dozen classic ledge drops around what seems like just about every back-to-back-to-back turn in the river. There were no logs in play during our descent, but that could change at any time.

Once you exit the gorge, the river flattens out and broadens out - which is a sign that you're approaching the takeout. The river has one final suprise-hole in store just about the time that the takeout comes into view, and then it's time to toast to your successful run down this beautiful, interesting gem of a run.

As a final note, for calibration purposes - if you feel comfortable on the most challenging sections of Peshastin Creek at medium flows and higher you'll probably enjoy this run. Just expect to encounter quite a few more drops per mile.

*There's a series of nice looking ledge drops that look like they're in the IV to IV+ range about 1/4 to 1/2 a mile above the put-in at the Beverly CG. They've probably been run, but there are no reported descents so it's not clear how hard they paddle, much less if there are any nasty hazards lurking in that stretch. If you do run these drops, take a moment to chime in here with your impressions!


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