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Stillaguamish, N. Fork    1. Confluence with S. Branch to bridge™ ©
Class V-V+
Avg Gradient 100 fpm
Max Gradient 200 fpm

River Mapplet
Zip Code : 98241 General Area
County : Skagit
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Gauge Forecast Height Current Flow Authority Physical Update
Virtual NWRFC | FC Page 0  Virtual   3rd Party Gauge
Minimum Recomended Level:  0      Maximum Recomended Level:  0  

  Putin Details

Find the approriate road from the lower Sauk drainage to get up in there. Look for clues un the form of a Cristian camp. This run can go "Bridge to Bridge", if you plan it right. Go get a topo. That'll help.

  Takeout Details

There's a bridge near the Moose Creek confluence, a few miles west of Darrington. Maybe some powerlines, or road signs with that in the name. Yup. Vague directions. You don't want to spoil the fun for youself, do you? This is an "exploratory" run. So explore it.

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  Other Issues

The stoutest stuff in here is marginally runnable but can be cherry picked if you are a video star, or aspiring to be one. There is a gnarly, tall, manky split falls in there that hasn't been run. Maybe you can be the first. If you're a bad ass.

  Fun Facts

Lots of photo ops in the potholes. Portaging isn't generally fun,but this portage is uniqueky beauriful. And you'll be portaging the whole Pot Hole Bench unless you are really hardcore. Then you'd only be portaging some or most of it. The rest of the class V "goes", but its not some sweet Robe Canyon or Deer Creek. If you want to kayak you should have stuck with those runs, or Ernies. This place is for exploring. Its about the journey. And its a short one requiring a bit of effort.

   Run Description

Definitely a local Class V adventure well encapsulated within half a day for experienced class V explorers. Even the easier drops on this run qualify as "gnarly", and most sensible class V boaters will likely find themselves portaging the crux. This portage will
take some class V exploratory portage skills, too. There may even be a rotten, questionable looking rope in there for you. But portaging across the massive log strewn, stair stepping pot hole bench is a scenic experience most seasoned experts will still appreciate.

Way before this point though, there is class II that gradually canyons up by the time Cascade Creek enters on the right. You'll see the boulder choked entrance as the river makes a sharp bend and immediately starts dropping through boulders, followed by a few stout slide-ledges. If you want to run these be sure you can nail the "last chance" eddy on R. Right, because unless you know your Dream's Result you should probably portage across the Pot Hole Bench on R. Right.
   Several stout drops squeeze through slots cut into the outside turn to the left of the Pot Hole Bench, but you'll probably be portaging over massive log piles, over, under, and through pot hole caves, ect. Past the huge, gnarly, manky split falls that will probably be run someday by someone hardcore, you'll put back in above at least half a dozen defined drops that are stout enough to warrant careful scouting. You'll probably have to dance around some wood, but this is the PNW, right?
   These will give way to some very technical, rocky boulder gardens with steep constricted, manky drops. A few taller drops will work back into the mix and then the run quickly tapers off in gradient.
   Class II the rest of the way to the bridge.


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