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Squire Creek    Squire Creek Road to dowstream™ ©
Class V

River Mapplet
Put In Longitude : -121.64247 Putin
Put In Latitude : 48.1902504
Take Out Longitude : -121.63041 Take Out
Take Out Latitude : 48.2254906
County : Snohomish Shuttle
   Gauge Information (Professor Paddle updated levels from Virtual at )
Gauge Forecast Height Current Flow Authority Physical Update
Virtual NWRFC | FC Page 0  Virtual cfs  3rd Party Gauge
Minimum Recomended Level:  400 cfs     Maximum Recomended Level:  800 cfs 


Getting to the river is fairly easy. Take Squire Creek Rd out of Darrington, to the southwest. The signs for the roads aren't the best, but Darrington is a small town, it won't be hard to piece together.

  Putin Details

After you've driven to the end of the road where the road block is, walk about 1/4 mile down the rest of the road.   Hike down via the small dry creekbed / nice trail that comes to the river. We put in at the bottom of a junky cascade with wood jammed in it.

  Takeout Details

The Bennett book says look for a hairpin turn for your take out. The 'hairpin' comes at the end of the residential properties, just past another hairpin marked with a 15 MPH sign. The hairpin you're looking for is at the first switchback as the road begins to gain elevation. O the outside of the turn is a short barbed-wire fence. Climb the short fence and walk down to the river via a short trail to spot your take out.

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  Other Issues

  Fun Facts

Easy shuttle, good whitewater, but too many portages.

   Run Description [Season: ]

--- Waterwacko 1/29/2011 7:57pm ---
This run is best done above 400 cfs. That said, Squire Creek has some personality issues. First off, the 2010 floods destroyed this run. Lots of gravel and sharp cobble mixed in with small to med sized boulders and parts of the stream bed are full of wood. Big diameter trees have been scoured from the banks, but not enough flow was there to make them flush all the way down the river. I'm guessing that 1200 cfs would make this run shine (if it weren't for all the wood). Wait until the next BIG flood event before you go back in to check this one out. It's fun, micro-creekin' at it's best, but wait. Even Hoover's saw would take more than a couple weeks to dismember these wood jams.

--- Fish 1/29/2011 8:12pm ---

Squire Creek is a young creek that is another victim of the extensive logging in the area.   This steep, low volume creek starts at the base of a 15 foot unrunable mank falls. We had about 420 CFS, which was a medium/low level. After we put in the rapids came quick, boat-scoutable class 4/5, mixed with several wood portages the first mile of this 3 mile run. The effort to reward ratio doesn't justify the trip, as the portages were many for the lenght of the run, but the whitewater that's there is very good, it just needs a biblical flood to clean it up.

--- Kurle 2/13/11 6:37pm ---
A video of our trip down. keep in mind that most of the portaging/logjam footage is not included...


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