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Raging    Preston to Fall City™ ©
Class III+
Avg Gradient 70 fpm

River Mapplet
Put In Longitude : -121.92393 Putin
Put In Latitude : 47.5230064
Take Out Longitude : -121.88706 Take Out
Take Out Latitude : 47.5681839
County : King Shuttle
   Gauge Information (Professor Paddle updated levels from RAGING RIVER NEAR FALL CITY, at 7/15/2020 3:18:35 PM)
Gauge Forecast Height Current Flow Authority Physical Update
RAGING RIVER NEAR FALL CITY, n/a 10.37  29.7 cfs  USGS - NWIS 07-15-2020 14:30:00
Minimum Recomended Level:  350 cfs     Maximum Recomended Level:  800 cfs 

  Putin Details

Turn off Preston-Fall city onto High Point Road. Put-in under the I-90 bridge.

  Takeout Details

Take out on the Snoqualmie River just below the confluence in Fall city or one of the optional access points upstream.

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 WOOD. Lots of it. Made seven portages plus a few almost portages. - Posted by: JoesKayak on 5/15/2009 7:59:00 AM -  [Remove Alert]

 Ran at 1000cfs from 86th st bridge. Big log jam just above the bridge- portage looks unpleasant. Single portage near Icy Creek confluence and an easy duck under R right a little before the canyon. Fun river when all else was too high for a class III boater. - Posted by: MN Mike on 3/9/2014 7:23:00 PM -  [Remove Alert]

 Good to go. At 600-700 cfs today there were two spanning logs, easily ducked under. One of these was in a split channel up high, the other channel was impassable. One other spanning log was under the water. - Posted by: kevinh on 12/6/2015 8:27:00 PM -  [Remove Alert]

 At 560 cfs, we had three wood portages and paddled under at least 3 trees that were river wide. Cheesegrater had a large tree in the river right side that needs to be avoided. There is a split channel up high with a river wide log submerged and was unpassable so we took the right channel. I don''t know the rapid names. - Posted by: megspk on 3/15/2017 6:52:00 PM -  [Remove Alert]

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Features on this run

Feature Name Class
Cheesegrater III+
The Canyon III
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  Fun Facts

For some reason this river tends to be at runnable levels on Mondays after being too low all weekend. Good pubs in Fall City for after your run.

   Run Description

Fun little run when it's not full of wood. Unfortunately it's been pretty bad the last couple years. In May 2009 we had 7 portages at 350 cfs and some of them would be sketchy with higher water. This run has a constant gradient and is pretty fast even at medium levels so use caution. When it's clean it can be run higher than the recommended flows, but unless you know the wood situation, I'd stick to lower flows.

Hopefully some high water will clean it out and we'll have this fun run back.

Here's a run down of river levels:

200-300: ELF. With some scraping you can get down, but it's a bit silly. Still fans of technical wet staircase descending will have fun.

300-400: Low runnable. If you're unsure of the wood situation, this is a good range for a scouting run. It'll be a bit bumpy but the run is not too fast and there's generally lots of good places to eddy out and stop for portages and scouts.

400-800: Medium. When the run is clean, it's a lot of fun in this range. It does get fast in places at the higher end of this range so be very careful if you don't know the wood situation

800-1200: Medium High. Lots of long wave trains and fun boogie water punctuated by some bigger rapids. Great fun but you want to be sure the run is clean at these levels (which at the time of this writing it is not 11/2012). The run pushes IV- at these flows due to it's continuous nature.


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JoesKayak's 11/2/2012 Run SubmissionJoesKayak11/2/2012 12:23:00 PM
JoesKayak's 11/2/2012 Run SubmissionJoesKayak11/2/2012 12:10:00 PM
JoesKayak's 5/18/2009 Run SubmissionJoesKayak5/18/2009 2:02:00 PM
James's 4/9/2007 Run SubmissionJames4/9/2007 8:26:00 PM

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