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Canyon Creek (Stilly)    2.Hampton Tree Farm Bridge to Fishing Access™ ©
Class II+
Avg Gradient 35 fpm
Play Rating (1-10): 3
River Mapplet
Put In Longitude : -121.90463 Putin
Put In Latitude : 48.121307
Take Out Longitude : -121.97335 Take Out
Take Out Latitude : 48.1151237
County : Snohomish Shuttle
   Gauge Information (Professor Paddle updated levels from SF STILLAGUAMISH RIVER NEAR G at 7/15/2020 3:18:36 PM)
Gauge Forecast Height Current Flow Authority Physical Update
SF STILLAGUAMISH RIVER NEAR G NWRFC | FC Page 4.41     USGS - NWIS 07-15-2020 15:15:00
Minimum Recomended Level:  5.5      Maximum Recomended Level:  6.5  


Head out the Mt. Loop Highway from Granite Falls to access this run.

  Putin Details

UPDATE 1/2017: Previously the put-in was accessed by walking in on the gated tree farm road near Masonic Park. The previous owners, Hampton Tree Farm allowed walk-in access. Now, the access is owned by Weyerhauser, who require a $75 annual recreational access pass. Go to for more info.

There may be alternate access upstream or downstream. Please report back if you find alternate access.

  Takeout Details

The takeout is at the Fishing Access listed in the more well known lower run. To reach it turn onto the Mountain Loop Highway from Granite Falls. From here it's 2.1 miles to the turnoff for Canyon Drive. Follow Canyon Drive 0.7 miles to a fishing access point. The turnoff is on the outside of a left bend in the road at the bottom of a hill, and easy to miss. FIRST TIMERS: It's a good idea to walk down to the creek so that you can recognize the take-out, it's not obvious from the creek. (You'll need a vehicle use permit from WDFW to park here.)

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 As of 5/14/2014 the creek is pretty clean and no wood was riverwide. There are a few places with wood, but it''s pretty easy to see and avoid. - Posted by: JoesKayak on 5/14/2014 10:23:00 PM -  [Remove Alert]

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  Other Issues

The Washington Dept of Ecology gauge on Canyon Creek was shut down permanently in 2011, so going forward we're back to using the SF Stilly gauge instead. It provides a good ballpark flow, but definitely isn't a perfect indicator so be sure to get a good visual on the creek level before launching.

Flows on the Stilly gauge of 5.5 to 6.5 roughly correlate to a range from med-low to med-high or approximately 400 - 900 cfs.

It's usually getting bony below 5.5 feet but you can scrape down at slightly lower flows down to about 5.0 feet. And it can certainly be run higher than the recommended range too, but it starts getting pretty fast and continuous in places making swims more dangerous making eddying out above wood hazards more difficult.

  Fun Facts

Little used local class 2 run.

   Run Description [Season: Nov-June]

The good news: Upstream from the better known class 4/5 run, Canyon Creek features an excellent class 2 run. It is similar in character to the classic class 2 runs on the SF Snoqualmie or Cedar River. The creek starts out in a beautiful forest setting but later opens up to a mixed forest/ residential setting. There are excellent class 2 - 2+ rapids along itís entire length, with a couple drops that may push class 3 at higher flows. There are nice mid-sized boulders along the whole run creating plenty of opportunities to practice eddy turns and surf small holes. Some of the better rapids are in the last mile or so, including Haunted House rapids.

The bad news, is the 1/2 mile walk in, but really its about an easy of a 1/2 mile as you can get. The road is either flat or slightly downhill the whole way and is well maintained.

The walk in may keep some folks away, but this run is really worth doing and has started to become more popular in the past few years as an intermediate run. Just be sure to keep a look out for wood, as the trees sometimes topple into this narrow stream.


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