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Copper Creek    road's end to E. Fork Lewis™ ©
Class IV-V

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Zip Code : 98604 General Area
County : Skamania

There is currently no Gauge Data on this stretch. Please Email us if you have details about a realtime gauge for this river.
Minimum Recomended Level:  0      Maximum Recomended Level:  0  


There is a lot of Private property on this run. Read the description in the Bennett Book, and respect the property rights of the folks who live along this Creek.

  Putin Details

Figure it out on your own.

  Takeout Details

Somewhere downstream of Horseshoe Falls on the East Fork of the Lewis

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  Other Issues

It's best to defer to the opinion of the local Kayaker who lives at the confluence of this Creek on the East fork of the Lewis:
If you aren't serious about running the Final Five canyon at the end of this trip, you probably should not go and do this run. Portaging the Final Five Canyon can only be accomplished by tresspassing on Private Property, and the person who owns this property is not happy about it at all. There has been lots of discussion about this online, and there are divided opinions about whether or not boaters are entitled to portage as they please, private property or not.

The bottom line is that for the most part, the law is on the side of the property owner in this case because the portage route is on the canyon rim way above the high water mark.

Washington state and this region in general, from Oregon to as far up into BC as you are willing to go, is so full of whitewater runs of such an amazing variety, that we as a community can afford to let this one lie in peace.

So unless you have the class V skills to run through here without portaging, it is advised that you stay out. Read the description below to find out what your missing out on (it's not very much)...

  Fun Facts

Don't know if these 'Facts' can be considered 'Fun', but there have been incidents with the property own in question that has resulted in conflict. For details ask your paddling buddies - no doubt someone you know has heard a story or two, or some rendition of it.

Suffice to say that more often than not, when paddlers tresspass on that property, our local fellow kayaker who lives up there is always the one who has to hear about it from his neighbor, so this issue can't be stressed enough.

   Run Description [Season: ]

In a nutshell, the run is largely a scrapey series of brush filled class II-III until you get to the first major drop. This drop is a double tiered slide, and when I ran it in 2008, it had enough wood in it that we had to portage the upper slide and put in right on top of the lower drop. It's a steep drop and all but it's really nothing to write home about.

Then there's the falls featured in the Bennett Book- A photo of Steve U'ren running it old school style. Above this falls just out of frame is a 8' lead in drop or so. I admit this is a really cool waterfall, but so are the falls on the East Fork of the Lewis. And there are plenty of waterfalls in Washington state to keep a paddler busy for a whole lifetime aside from this one.

There isn't anything else noteworthy aside from the Final Five Canyon at the end, which is STOUT. It is narrow, constricted and steep. Frothy powerfull whitewater crams between the walled in banks. Certainly Class V.

So by now you've figured out that I'm coming down on the side of the cetain local paddler who is acredited in the Bennett Book for pioneering most of the rivers and creeks in this neck of the woods. That's right: I am attempting to persuade you NOT TO RUN this run out of respect for the non paddler who lives on the canyon rim of Copper Creek...

Unless,that is,you are going in there to Nut Up and run the Final Five. Then by all means, have at it! (just be low key in there, quiet, and stay off of private property!!)



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