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Ingalls Creek    Ingalls Creek Rd. to Peshastin Creek™ ©
Class IV

River Mapplet
Put In Longitude : -120.67352 Putin
Put In Latitude : 47.4622307
Take Out Longitude : -120.66146 Take Out
Take Out Latitude : 47.4627876
County : Chelan Shuttle

There is currently no Gauge Data on this stretch. Please Email us if you have details about a realtime gauge for this river.
Minimum Recomended Level:  0      Maximum Recomended Level:  0  

  Putin Details

Drive up to the trailhead, carry your boat across the bridge (some years when it's clean above the bridge you can hike up for a few extra drops). Most folks put-in on the downstream R. Right side of the bridge.

  Takeout Details

If you really wanted to you could take out immediately after you spit out onto Peshastin Creek on R. Right. There's a large pull out here along Hwy 97 that people use as a put in for the Peshastin Creek.
More likely if you run Ingalls, you'll come down to the Peshastin confluence and meet up with people who don't want to run Ingalls, and then continue on down the regular Peshastin Creek run. See the Peshastin Creek description for put-in and take out details along that run.

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 Re-posting reports from the Peshastin river page: Riverwide wood ~100 yards downstream of bridge on Ingalls. Mandatory portage. - Posted by: JoesKayak on 4/7/2016 7:55:00 AM -  [Remove Alert]

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  Other Issues

Try to scout for wood as you drive up to the put-in. Wood could really suck on this run if you don't spot it beforehand.

  Fun Facts

Folks put in up at the bridge and run Ingalls Creek to spice up the regular Peshastin Creek run.

This run is a blast in a longboat if you are confident you can keep your bow up and out of trouble!!

A motivated paddler (with a longboat ;) could put-in on Ingalls and paddle all the way to Cashmere for a nice "2 creeks and a river" run!

   Run Description

This run is a standard Northwest style boulder garden run. The gradient is fairly even throughout as the river rages over medium small boulders, almost all of them covered completely in a frothy blanket of nonstop whitewater. Barely a patch of greenwater can be seen along its length!

It's very fast paced class IV. kinda like one big long continuous rapid. It would suck to swim here, and even flipping over isn't advisable- you're likely to get pummeled because it's not very deep.

Early on in the run you'll encounter the biggest boulders. This is where the best boofs are at, so if you're on the Boof Patrol, take advantage of these immediately after you launch at the put-in.

Overall it's very read and run. Just be sure to watch out for wood, because stopping along the length of this run is very difficult if not impossible for most paddlers (There's only an eddy or two it seems). Before you pop out onto Peshastin Creek, you may see a full grown tree growing right out of the center of the river as the current splits around it. Stay on your toes- the last 100 feet can be really manky and serve up pitons or pins. Most water seems to swing around the right side of the island with the tree in it. To avoid the mankiest mank, drive hard back to the center away from the righthand bank. Of course, the nature of these rocky types of creeks dictates that these routes could drastically change on a seasonal basis.

Immediatley below here is the confluence with Peshastin Creek, and directly across Peshastin Creek on R. Right is the large pullout along HWY 97.


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