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2007 Bliss Stick Mystic
Reviewed by: jondufay on 1/13/2008Rating :

   Well, I just got a new mystic and so far so good.  First off, I was very impressed with the outfitting.  You actually do most of the adjusting while sitting in the boat, so you can ensure a great fit.  The area infront of your seat is bigger than your traditional water bottle holder, so you can easily put in a peli case or a throwbag and it will stay secure.  The seat is pretty comfy too.

   Things are easily put behind the seat, and I had no problem getting a pin kit, breakdown and other crap back there. 
   The shape of the boat is right on.  I used to boat a nomad and liked it alot, but I have also boated a burn and liked it alot too.  It has alot of rocker just like the nomad, but has a harder edge, like the burn.  The mystic is about 6 inches shorter than my nomad and I felt like I could really snap into small eddies in it. 
   The boat does alot of things well.  It holds a line, boofs real good, accelerates very quickly and like most creekers, is pretty stable. 
   The biggest complaint that I have about it is that it sucks to carry.  Not so much that it is heavy(it is), but there is no good place for it to sit on your shoulder.  My shoulder hurts like a mofo after hiking it about 10 minutes up the trail on the nf nooksack.  I am going to have to come up with something to put in there and pad it out. 
   I look forward to paddling it some more.  I will update this as I see fit.  Hopefully the Robe will give me some good feedback soon.
   I really hope that this boat is more durable than most new creekers coming out and I think that it is. 

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