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Cashing out on Callaghan

Callaghan Creek
Class: IV-V      GMap
Waterfalls to Cal-Cheak Campsite
Trip Date: 8/12/2007
Written on: 8/14/2007
Written by:

After a nice warm up lap on the Cheakamus Jon Dufay, Dave Morales and I headed over to the Callaghan to finish up the day and cash in on our need for clean gradient. Jon had never done the run before and with a lower flow it was a great low key way to wrap up the day.

We started out by walking the entrance ledge with the cave on it. Both Dave and I have run this ledge in the past but it is such a tight line to make when the water gets lower that we both prefer to walk this nasty little guy.

Just below the first ledge we enjoyed the fun class III warmup and then the first class -IV boulder garden that ends at the top of the first waterfall. Without scouting any of the lines Jon boy hucked the 15 footer and did a wicked assault on the log that is in the drop almost giving her a kiss on the way down.

From the bottom of the 15 footer we ran the little flume rapid that dropped us off right at the top of Callaghan Falls. Is it 20' or 22' or 25' ... I have no idea but it's all good. Jon took footage of Dave and I running it, then Jon took the plunge too.

 James on Callaghan falls -  D1 on Callaghan falls

After the falls we cruised down through more of the fun class IV and then came to Chunder Hall also known as Double drop and Disco or something like that. This is one of those drops that is also weird. All weekend we heard stories of people being pinned and hitting this secret rock in the middle but after running it 4 or 5 times I have never found that rock. None the less with a lower level we all opted to cruise around that one which left us with more fun class IV before Island drop. Island drop is a great rapid where the river splits around a gravel bed island and then joins up again and drops over a small 5-6 foot ledge. On the right hand side of the ledge is a very sticky hole and the entire pool below is a slow turning whirlpool that feeds back into the hole. There have been some epic swims here. Dave went first hit the hole but made it through, I stayed far left and jon hit it right in the center making clean lines for everyone and leaving us with just the last fun ledge.

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