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Played on the Sitkum

Class: IV-V      GMap
1. Upper Upper
Trip Date: 11/21/2006
Written on: 1/13/2007
Written by:

by James Amandus

This fall Mike Harms, Jon Dufay and Myself had the unique opportunity to head out to the Olympic Penn. during a flash rain event that turned the Mosh Pit on and resulted in the 2006 Flood that devastated the greater pacific northwest.

On Friday after several late night hours on the phone with Mike Hoover, I decided that I was in. Mike the local expert had given me the thumbs up on the Mosh Pit and we were looking for flood. So the three of us packed into chuckie, and headed out to the Oly Pen to meet Hoover and some friends for a session on the Mosh Pit.

At about 10am on Sat morning the three of us arrived at the Most Pit to find a pretty nice looking wave with several boaters on it. Hoover quickly introduced us to some other local masters and together we proceeded to shred up the Mosh all day long on Sat.

That Night we got Chuckie Stuck in the Mud, then decided to head back to the Mosh Pit to perform some nighttime covert ops. The mission was a success but the outcome was unexpected. After our mission we then beded down in the middle of a clear cutting area where they were burning debris piles all over. It was a scene out of Mad Max. Big piles of smoldering wood in a huge rainstorm the ground was all black and burnt and in the middle of the wasteland was chuckie with me and Dufay chillin and mike harms in his Tent outside (he wanted to - we offered some space inside the chuckster). Dude that night it rained and thundered so hard it was actually an experience in and of it self. The next morning we woke up sober and fresh amidst a freshly washed clearning. It was very impressive. We rolled our soaked asses back to the mosh pit to cook breakfast and prepare for some surfing.

After a few bowls of oatmeal we chatted with Mike Hoover and His buddy who's name I can't remember Dang it. He was a super cool guy though. THey talked the three of us into heading into forks and rather than playing at the mosh pit at sub par flows, go run the upper upper sitkum at a nice healthy flow in playboats. We were all into it right away.

So we raced up a nice forest road just outside of forks to the run. After a quick hike off the road we were at a little tiny trickle that was the head waters of the creek. About 1/4 of a mile into the run was the first ledge with a horizon line. It was a straight forward combo of two little subledges that combine a little doowoop...

After the little doowoop the river turns and goes over another small little ledge. After the next little ledge there was a little twist slide.

Later in the run you come to a double drop that has some interesting stories... The rest of this TR will come later, for now I will just end with this picture!

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