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CC Stilly 1/9/07

Canyon Creek (Stilly)
Class: IV-V      GMap
3. Fishing Access site to S.Fork Stillaguamish
Trip Date: 1/9/2007
Written on: 1/9/2007
Written by:

We had a wild one on Saturday (1/6/07) at the Canyon Creek (Stilly).  Jon, two b-ham pals of Jon's - Amy and Eric, Joe and I put on around 10:30 with the flow slightly above 6 ft.  The first ledge is about 200 yds from the put in.  It consists of an entry ledge and then a move to the left into an eddy. If you miss the eddy, you have to avoid being pushed into a wall.  Everyone made it through, with Eric bringing up the rear.  I saw his boat throwing ends in the first ledge, and then I saw his paddle come down.  Eric was still in the hole with his boat before he flushed.  Taking a pretty bad swim on the right side, he surfaced down stream.


We chased his boat a short way down and saw it pinned on a tree that had been javelined into the center the river with the root end perched high against the canyon wall.  Thinking the boat would come free after a minute we waited, but as it turned out it was wedged in.  We had a rope on the tree and we set up a z-drag, but there was no pulling that tree free (and the set up was from a bad direction).  Eric was on the other side of the river with some duct tape and PVC pipe that the neighbors had lent him.  He tried to biner the grap loops.  I ended up tightrope walking on this branch that had lodged between the bank and tree.  I got out to the boat, hooked the biner on, and with Eric pulling and a slight tug upwards on the boat we freed the boat.  This whole process took over an hour, though once I got out to the boat it took 5 minutes.


Eric hiked out, and we continued.  We scouted the next small drop.  There was wood on the left so we boofed the center driving left.  The next rapid we scouted had some mellow bepob down the left and then a cool boof on the right at the end.  The next gradient was an impressive double drop that we ran on the right side.  The left side looked a bit more challenging with a stomping hole on the first drop.


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