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Sweet sweet Sauk

Class: III+(IV)      GMap
2 - Whitechuck River to Clear Creek
Trip Date: 12/10/2006
Written on: 12/11/2006
Written by:

We ran this on 12/10/06 and it was SWEET!  Thanks to Kyle for leading and serving as multimedia guru!  That helmet cam is COOL!  The Sunday Crew showed up (at least us dedicated ones - Me, Adrian, Arno, and Deb)  and we had a great run.  This was a step up for me and helped me with both skill and confidence on the water.  The river provided lots of good action, and not too many danger spots. 

The put in was super easy access, and provided a nice spot to get in some warm up rolls before hitting the first rapid.  According to Kyle, there were some rather significant changes to the river due to the floods, so we spent a lot of time scouting the major rapids throughout the trip.  Six of one was a good drop, but Half a dozen had a giant tree spanning most of the river, so we walked it.  Not sure how to remedy that situation, however a certain paddler with a distinct Scottish accent (who will remain nameless!) had a rather creative, if not slightly dangerous, idea to burn it.  Sounds good to me!  Just check out my picture, I like FIRE!  haha.  Jaws and Demon Seed were straightforward and fun. 
The only real problems any of us had on the water came at and just after whirlpool - I got flipped about 3/4 of the way down, and rolled up just in time to see Deb swimming after getting thumped on the chin when she flipped.  Then it was kind of a circus act as Kyle and I tried to grab her boat, I rolled at least two more times, and Kyle once.  We finally wrangled the boat to shore and got Deb out of the water.  We checked out the damage to her chin and jaw - no life threatening damage, but she probably won't be eating granola or steak any time soon.  So it was back to paddeling.  Not more then 100 yards downstream Kyle got flipped in shallow water and had to swim and then Adrian got hung up trying to get to shore and swam, and Deb had to roll again.  Sheesh!  We held it together for 3/4 of the trip and now everyone is coming undone!  Somehow Arn was the only one to get down the entire river run without rolling or swimming.  We finally made it to the takeout just as dusk was setting in and then it was on to Skidders for much needed beer and fried food!  Good Times!"Thumbs

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