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Thanksgiving Paradise
Green : 2. Kanaskat Palmer to Paradise (Upper Gorge)   |   Class: III-IV    |    GMap
Trip Date: 11/23/2006
Written on: 11/27/2006
Written by: James

This last weekend was Thanksgiving and what a great weekend it was. The few days prior to the weekend I watched the Green's Gauge in sadness as it dropped from 1400's into the 1k range. What a bummer. I was just crushed. I had this huge plan of doing session after session all weekend long and now the levels were just to low. I was bummed to say the least.

So the day before Thanksgiving, I figured what the heck. Why even PnP at paradise when the river is so low. Instead I joined up with a few other boaters and headed out to have a nice run. A few turns into the run it was clear that something was a miss.

Now I am not talking about the fact that D3 forgot his PFD and was boating Vestless, I am talking about the River Level. It was clear to everyone in the group that the gauge seemed off. We continued through the run with a few silly mishaps, each of us wondering what Paradise would reveal.

As we rounded the last bend, she came into view. Oh what a sweet sight it was. Not the normal 1040cfs paradise. It was certainly a few hundred higher.

The biggest bummer was that I was out of time, and could not stay and play. So I headed up the hill with the promise to return the next day.

The next day the river had risen to 1200 and it was unclear if it would be too high or too low. So I headed down and met up with a few others that were finishing up the run. We all agreed again that the same variance applied to the gauge and that it was pretty much in a prime level, if not just a little itty bit low. Normally 1200 would be very low.
After a few wheels and turns we all decided that this would be an accurate representation of Paradises prime flow for this weekend, or until the gauge is updated/changed/fixed.

Green River @ Howard Hanson in CFS
1000 - 1150 (Shallow but wheels & loops are open)
1150 - 1250 (Starting to get epic but it is still a little shallow and steep)
1250 - 1350 (Prime Level - Loops & everything else, Best Levels)
1350 - 1450 (Great Level but starting to get flushy)
1450 - 1550 (Fun Surfing but wheels and loops are going to flush right off)

Thanks to everyone that shared this great weekend with me, and here's to hoping for more Paradise flows in optimal range. What a great spot.

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