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Brad and Ben getting it done in a Shredder, Lower Zig Zag.

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File Size: 251.59 kb Date Updated: 2/19/2008 10:28:00 AM Originally Uploaded As: Shredder.jpg
Author: Fish Album: Upper White Salmon (Truss)
River Association: White Salmon (3 - Green Truss Bridge to BZ Corners)   @  Lower Zig Zag (V)

Comments from the Peanut gallery
Fish  (2/19/2008)
Nice job getting around the wood choked slots of lower Zig Zag.
James  (2/19/2008)
Brad... you are da shizz mr shredmaster
xanthopb  (2/19/2008)
Ben was a shredmaster too. Although this rapid went super smooth for us (Fish and Paul also), the submerged log makes it sketch-ee.
water wacko  (2/20/2008)
What was the level when you guys were in there? I think that log is on the bottom and there's no lucky flush under it. I didn't run it when I was there. A shedder's differeent, though ;)
hugo  (2/22/2008)
what loosers, lame is that? seriously.
wetmouse  (2/22/2008)
maybe you should learn how to spell loser. seriously. rafting is actually a lot harder than kayaking. and the carnage potential ups the ante on more difficult waters.Try it sometime.lame is being closed minded and articulating shallow thoughts.
fiddleyak  (2/23/2008)
Loosers for rafting? We're also pussies for being on the Truss, eh Hugo? I'm not that offended though, since Shredding that run is as extreme as kayaking the LW. I still think you're way cooler than Flatwater Wacko, but you both seem to have some insecurities.
hugo  (2/23/2008)
my insecurities are that I am afraid to boat above class II because I know that I will probably swim. What is the Truss? I too think that I am way cooler than the flatty.
jondufay  (2/24/2008)
Hugo does have a point...Brad is pretty lame.
xanthopb  (2/25/2008)
Call me lame if you want but no one was calling me lame when I broke out a 6 pack of Hamms tall boys after running BB. Yeah buddy!
jondufay  (2/26/2008)
beer and rivers do not mix.
jondufay  (2/26/2008)
fiddleyak  (2/26/2008)
Hell yeah, Brad! Chugging beer after surviving a ridiculous stunt unscathed isn't lame, it's awesome! To quote Paul, at the putin to the sky: 's-s-s-s-s-sober? What's that?'
PaulGamache  (2/28/2008)
Ben, I clearly remember I wasn't the only one drinking at the put-in for that one...Thanks again for the beers on the GT Brad, awesome run, stoked you guys fired off BB w/ us also, great to cheers at the bottom of that one! Starting to feel like this forum is a waste of my time, like a bad reality show your girlfriend makes you watch, you're constantly drawn to it to see what happens next...expect at least television screens against complete wastes of space like Brett and Leif. Then again I guess Brett is pretty entertaining to hear the thoughts of so I guess there is some value for him in least it's a bar that 99.9% of society will be able to base themselves of being better than. Before you get excited and fired up Brett take this as a compliment, it's the only one I'll ever give you. Paul. 707.484.8370
hugo  (2/28/2008)
Dufay....what the hell are you talking about? I have seen you pounding the beers on the river. Was that not an entire nalgene of gin and tonic that you were drinking on the wenatchee? What about that run on the nahatlach? remember any of that?
jondufay  (2/28/2008)
oops. I guess what I meant to say was that I love it when I get off the river a few minutes before Brad and can gank beers out of his truck. I hope that he never gets that window fixed.
James  (7/31/2008)
Wow ... this is like a fuckin thread in the forum ...
water wacko  (10/8/2008)
Was the water really that low back then? damn.
franzhorner  (6/2/2010)
The best part of this thread is the use of the word "gank". Thats one I haven't heard since my days on the east coast......
hugo  (2/29/2012)
We ganked that term from the east, it was a fair trade though, we are giving them back JP and Brad, but they have to take the water wack too so it evens shit out more.

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