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Leavenworth World Kayak Events

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Topic: Leavenworth World Kayak Events
Posted By: pottert
Subject: Leavenworth World Kayak Events
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2018 at 8:52am
My friends!

I apologize for the fact that I have been completely detached from Professor Paddle, really since its revival from the crash.

However, you should all know that we have some epically cool sh*t going on over here in Leavenworth. Did you know that Leavenworth is a Bavarian themed town?! Its so awesome!

Just kidding... kind of...

In all seriousness, every Wednesday through the end of May, I am hosting a community event series that is sponsored by the World Kayak Organization. This is the real deal. I'm talking insurance, waivers, shwag, beer, girls in their onesie's, the works.

So, if you have Wednesday evening available, and can get yourself and all your stinky kayaking gear to Leavenworth, come throw down!

All of the events are catered to ensure maximum participation, so don't sweat it if you don't run Robe 20 times a day.

We have five more events this season and I would love to see some more westsiders making the trip over. If you need a place to crash, we can probably find you a couch or a place to park your subaru/sprinter van.

All events are posted on the Wenatchee Valley Kayak Chat on Facebook, as well as on the World Kayak website under the Leavenworth region. I suppose I could post them here as well, so keep your eyes peeled. I drop the event on Wednesday morning, the day of, so no one gets to practice their lines for the Exit Drop giant slalom all week.

Keep your boat on your car, and your wet gear in a tupperware, and come join us for some juicy spring runoff!

I look forward to seeing you.



Posted By: pottert
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2018 at 8:46am
Good morning, Wenatchee Valley!!

It is an incredible day to be alive in this world, surrounded by all of these beautiful people. The sun is shining, the river is on the way up, and the stoke is high.

I would like to thank everyone again for your continued attendance to our weekly events. It makes a huge difference in my event planning morale when 16 paddlers show up to a race as opposed to 2, so lets keep it up!

Last week we tested our abilities on a long distance endurance race. I was really impressed with how small the intervals between finishes were. For a 3.98 mile race (Thanks Darren), the time difference between the first and last finishers was only 2:59. So nice job out there. Everyone is getting strong!

This evening, I am bringing yet another race format to the river. In interest of reaching deep and drawing out all of the self drive we can muster, we're going short and fast, but all by ourselves. Today's Wednesday World Kayak Event is...

House Run Time Trials!

Starting at the Osprey Rafting put in, just west of Leavenworth, we will get a quick warm up lap in so everyone can scope their lines. If you want to put in below exit, that is fine, just don't swim.

For lap two, we will stage paddlers in the eddy in some order that we have previously decided on. Paddlers will take off from the starting line in one minute intervals. It is important that we are ready to hustle and be ready when it is your turn because the timing system relies on it. Each paddler will be provided their course time after everyone has competed.

This event is going to be rather quick, because, afterwards we're having a BBQ throw down at my place on East Leavenworth Road. Bring salads, chips, beer, soda, pasta, whatever sounds good! I would appreciate it if people would post what they are bringing so we don't end up with 20 bags of Juanitas Tortilla chips.

We will probably be done with the race by 7:00-7:30, so if you cannot make the paddling event, please come hang out anyway! Feel free to bring your girl, your kid, your dog, or just yourself.

Paddlers, meet at the Icicle Bridge at 5:00!

Any questions? Holler at me.



Posted By: pottert
Date Posted: 02 May 2018 at 9:52am
Good morning, Professor Paddle!!

What an epic day it is turning out to be in Leavenworth! Time to bust out those tank tops, board shorts, and bikinis because summer is like, "pssst... pssssssst!!!!! It's time to party!"

Here is a quick recap of the events we have completed over the previous month of World Kayak Wednesdays:

April 4th- Tumwater Relay
April 11th- Third Amigo Head to Head
April 18th- Rodeo to Cashmere Endurance Race
April 25th- House Run Time Trials

This is a pretty sweet start to a competitive season of boating. I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone for coming out and given'er.

So, in interest of adding yet another race format to the line up, I present to you tonight's World Kayak Weekly Wednesday Event!!!!

Lower Icicle Team Race!!

This is a blend of teamwork, endurance, creeking, and flat water sprinting. We will group up in teams of two or three, and make our way from the Snow Lakes Trail Bridge, all the way to the take out. The purpose of the team aspect, is safety. A team is solely responsible for making sure each other make it down the river safely.

This is a classic format on more difficult river races such as the Robe Race, which is this weekend, and the Callaghan Race which is July 14th. Go fast, take chances, and watch out for your buddy.

Teams will start together, and must finish with no more than one minute between the first and last team member. So no ditching your team mate who is side surfing the dam wondering when he is going to get hit with a bag.

I do need a couple volunteers for timing, safety, photos, and shuttle, so if you are available and don't want to race, please come hang out! (Hint: #Iciclebrewingcompany)

Have a wonderful sunny Wednesday and I will see you all tonight! 5:00 at the Snow Lakes Trailhead parking lot!

Posted By: pottert
Date Posted: 09 May 2018 at 9:11am
Holy blow out!!!

As I read the local river gauges this morning, we are looking at:

Wenatchee River in Monitor: 18,000 rising 150/hr
Wenatchee River in Plain: 12,100 rising 150/hr
Icicle Creek: 4,790 rising 30/hr
Peshastin Creek: 940 falling 19/hr

I have made the executive decision, that since everything is way too high to try and have any sort of order to an event, that I will be in Cashmere at 5:00 pm to go play boating with anyone who would like to join. You don't even have to sign a waiver!

If you're feeling like chasing some big lines on something harder, go get it! It's not everyday we see levels like this, so I hope everyone gets to enjoy it!

See you in Cashmere this evening!



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