Lost \ Found \ Stolen: Found Pogie At Split Rock today.
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Found Pogie At Split Rock today.

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Topic: Found Pogie At Split Rock today.
Posted By: jP
Subject: Found Pogie At Split Rock today.
Date Posted: 13 Dec 2017 at 11:15pm
Yo. Stray Pogie Seeks Mate.

So I found this pogie all by its lonesome at split rock, abandoned. It is really distraught, forlorn and sad. not so much missing its owner as it is missing its mate, although by returning to the owner, most likely the two pogies can hopefully be reunited.

Send me a PM with a description of your lost pogie. A six pack would certainly be going way overboard here but a single can or bottle of IPA? sounds refreshing huh? I know I think so too! but, that's only a suggestion or a guideline ; )

the important thing is to get those two pogies back together because this is their favorite season to be on a paddle shaft, wet.


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